Enjoy this Grounding Meditation Mp3 Led by Moi! [Audio]

 A Guided Meditation Audio for You on Grounding

Here is a 25 minute grounding meditation. This is actual audio from Class 1 of my course Energy Mastery 1 with students.  You will hear me talking with them in the beginning as I make sure they are comfortable in their chairs before we start. Grounding is the first Energy Mastery tool I teach and is one of the main tools I teach in the very first course. It’s a very healing energy tool which will bless you for a lifetime.


Tara Brennan



p.s. After Energy Mastery 1, there are two more courses (Energy Mastery 2 and Energy Mastery 3 or Extreme Creativity). These courses set you up for a successful lifelong meditation practice. And it all starts with grounding! I want you to be a great meditator and enjoy successful meditations from here on out. To make sure you stay in the loop… join my newsletter email club Savvy Souls! You can join by sending an email to tarabrennan@aweber.com, then confirm the email you receive. Waa laa. See you on the flip side 🙂


  1. Christal Kerrigan says:

    Site looks beautiful ..I just did the grounding meditation…very healing and calming ,,,Love your voice
    it facilitates the flow and depth,,,Thank you Beautiful Tara

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