Grounding Meditation Technique

Grounding Meditation Technique“The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.” ~Buddha

Grounding Anchors You and Heals You

One of the essential intuitive energy tools which I have learned and would love to teach you is grounding. Grounding is being in your body and having your body be connected to the planet.  We do this with an energetic grounding cord sent from our first chakra to the center of the planet.

Our grounding cord acts as a release valve for releasing and grounding out excess energies or energies that do not belong to us that we’ve inadvertently picked up from other people or the various environments we spend time in. Using this intuitive energy tool can transform your life as it has mine.

Once you focus your energy by anchoring with a grounding connection and steadying yourself into one spot, you begin to become a force of nature acting upon life instead of life pushing you around and acting on you. You begin to take charge of your life with creativity and power. You begin to take charge of your own energetic space and set the tone for the experiences and interactions you want to have in every area of your life.

Grounding Your Own Electricity

You are a complex system of energies. Every cell in your body has an electrical charge. Like all energy systems, including the electrical system in your home, it is safer if the energy has ground. In addition to the energy within us, we are navigating in a sea of energy throughout our day. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with our own energies, such as our emotions, worry, fear, stress, anxiety, or sexual energy and it can get to be too much at times. And sometimes we get overwhelmed with other people’s energy, which we call foreign energy or non-me energy, which has accumulated in our personal space. All the expectations, competition, emotions, and attention, etc., that people direct towards us definitely affect us. The answer to all this is “ground it out.” Let it go! And your grounding cord tool is your best friend!

Practice Grounding All the Time

Having a grounding cord helps you stay centered and in control and in your body feeling good throughout your day. I make sure I have one there all the time!

Having practiced energy mastery techniques for the past 12 years, I am very conscious of my state of grounded-ness or lack thereof at all times. I will notice right away when I lose my grounding and I then use the grounding cord tool to get back on track fairly quickly. I use grounding in my meditation space on a regular basis and I also practice grounding at all times throughout my day such as in the office, in the car, in other people’s spaces, in a massage, in a counseling session, when working out, when teaching and when hanging out.

With the tool of grounding you begin to navigate the sea of energies you come into contact on a daily basis with resilience and command.  You reap huge benefits in health, energy, happiness and success from cultivating one of the essential intuitive energy tools – grounding – thus mastering your stance in life.

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Tara Brennan



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