Meditation Magic – Your Alignment into the Present Moment

meditation classes There are so many benefits of meditation but my favorite is the gift of having more access to the present moment. For me… the power of living more in the present moment lies in the vibrations available there, high vibrations such as trust, power, creativity, miracle energy, peace and wonder. These vibrations feel amazing in my body.

Living in the present moment is also a foundation to being a powerful cocreator, the best way to live life on planet earth in my humble opinion… as a COCREATOR.

But the big trick is GETTING INTO the elusive present moment. Right?!!

Since pursuing the path of energy mastery, meditation and self healing these last 10 years, I’ve opened up more access to present moment living for myself. It totally rocks. I didn’t set out for this result, but that’s just what happened.

I’d love to share with you the exact techniques that I practice and the mechanics that I use. In particular, there are three meditation techniques (energy mastery techniques) that I believe are the key to getting lots of your life force energy focused into present time. And they are very simple, you’ll see those explained below.

But first, besides feeling so good, WHY else would you want to have your energy – in your body – in the present moment?

Manifesting & Creativity Mechanics Explained 

Let’s get back to basics for a moment. For clarity, I’d like to explain one piece of the puzzle for the proper mechanics of the creative cycle.creative cycle, mechanics of manifesting

The idea is that you want to get a lot of your creative life force energy INTO your body. It’s sad but true that many people do not have a lot of their creative energy in their body. Much of this powerful energy is just outside their body and it’s really not doing them much good out there.

This dynamic is due to escapism, they are escaping from some form of pain or another to be exact. Over time this escapism becomes a comfortable habit, and hovering one’s life force energy just outside the body becomes the norm.

Yes, this dynamic might save you some pain in the short run, but in the long run you will be ineffective at creating what you want in your life. If you are experiencing some blocks in manifesting your desires right now, this could be at play for you.

Creativity Mechanics - Be a Powerful Creator in Your Life

I’ll say it again, to be a good creator you need a lot of your life force energy IN your body. I love the above pictured figure where you see the person and their energy field and you see a lot of their energy in the body. This can be you!

Through energy mastery classes, we begin to dismantle the old habit of escape, and then we reset, bringing in so much of our creative life force energy into the body. Then when we practice our manifesting techniques, it’s like we have a turbo charged battery pack behind every intention and creative move. This is how it’s supposed to be, the cocreator way.

And now we can go about with our merry plans, creating our desires into reality with all that beautiful energy in our body, which is supposed to be there any way.

The 3 Meditation Techniques That Help You Get Into the Present Moment

Here are the three main meditation techniques (aka energy mastery techniques) that I’ve practiced consistently and passionately for the past 10 years.  They are simple yet powerful and can be included in your daily meditations. They will bring you big results like being in the present moment more and more over time. Yay! Like most things we wish to master, they require practice.

Recommendation: Start with practicing these for 10 minutes a day, then after 4 weeks bump it up to 20 minutes a day. After that I have more techniques for you. 🙂

Technique 1 – Grounding – Ground your body to the earth with an energetic grounding cord. You draw this  line of energy (grounding cord) from your first chakra. Your body is always in present time, this technique connects you to the body and therefore to present time. The first chakra is known as the root chakra. It knows how to root or anchor our energy into the planet and access gravity for healing. For the exact steps and details check out Meditation Technique – Let’s Practice Grounding.

Technique 2 – Golden Sun Fill in with energy from a spiritual and unlimited source – This golden sun energy mastery tool is an energetic magnet and container above your head about 3 feet. It attracts your own life force energy back to it like a magnet, calling back your pure positive energy from wherever you left it scattered out and about.

Then the sun gets bigger and bigger as all your energy comes flying back into it in ribbons of beautiful colored energy. THEN once the gold sun is full and big, find a way to open it up above your head and let the golden energy and pure life force vibrations shower into your body filling you up completely like a cup. Using this tool replenishes you after you release through grounding.

It heals you at the cellular level. Use it all throughout the day to ‘fill your cup.’ It helps you be a great cocreator too, to manifest our desires we need a lot of gold energy (the highest vibration) in our energy field.

Technique 3: Center of the Head Focus your main awareness behind your eyes in the middle of the head, anchoring into the third eye chakra or 6th chakra. When you steady your focus into the center of your head, you are taking the most powerful energy stance you can take as a spirit within your body.

You want your spirit to be in charge of the body. Having your main awareness here gives you neutrality and a spriitual ‘big picture’ perspective. For the exact steps and details of this technique check out Epic Meditation Technique – Room in the Center of the Head.

Cultivate Present Moment Consciousness with Energy Mastery Classes

meditation techniques, present moment, the power of nowAfter practicing these techniques daily (10-30 minutes a day), for a while, absolutely – you will have more of your energy in present time. If you need any help with these let me know.

Join lots of savvy souls just like yourself who are taking Energy Mastery classes with me through my school Energy Arts Academy. I have over 2 full years of course work to teach you to help you transform every dimension of your life.

I also do a lot of one-on-one spiritual coaching, we can work over the phone, on Skype or in-person. I’m passionate about self-healing & empowerment and I love to use my gifts to help others. I want you to experience amazing vibrations in your body and clarity in your spirit.

Get in touch with me through my contact pageYou can also call me at 858-519-8272. In addition, I have a Private Facebook Group Daily Meditation Challenge – click here to join the fun.


Tara Brennan - Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Clarivoyant Healer



p.s. I have a fun Creativity Class Teleseminar Series called Moon Light Creativity on the new and full moons of every month (bimonthly), two evenings a month.

These live calls include 2 guided meditations (grounding meditation & insight meditation) plus discussion and sharing and are led by moi. Ask me about it to see if it’s a fit for you. The students in this program love it. Drop me a line at my contact page.

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