Meditation Technique – Wellness Vibration for Your Crown Chakra [Video]

I’d love to share a wonderful meditation tip with you… you can bring vibrations (which are also colors) into your crown chakra. It’s one of the little secrets I’ve learned along the way, I recommend you try it. Lately, my favorite vibration to bring into my crown chakra is “wellness.” By bringing the vibration of wellness into your crown chakra you can experience an instant boost in vitality and experience a lift in your spirits and overall good feelings. I recommend that advanced meditation students practice this technique in their daily meditation but beginners can play with it too and begin discovering the power of this wonderful chakra.

The Simple Steps to Discovering a Vibration to “Paint” into the Crown Chakra

  1. Close your eyes (this whole process is done with eyes closed.)
  2. Have your main awareness behind your eyes, in the center of your head, throughout the meditation.
  3. Bring out an energetic “reading screen” in front of your face and head about 12 inches. With your eyes closed, you will be projecting images onto this reading screen.
  4. Imagine a neutral symbol on your screen. I recommend a bubble symbol or a rose symbol (I explain the importance of the rose in the video.) Your symbol is just a container for the energy in question. It helps you view the energy, make some discoveries, uncover things and move energy too. Bubble Symbol for Visualization
  5. Ask your symbol to show you your wellness vibration. Look inside the symbol and start to notice the colors, tone, texture, energies there. Keep asking which color is your wellness vibration (see **Note below.) Your intuition will guide you. You may have to do some digging beneath the top colors or vibrations, that’s ok.
  6. Your wellness vibration will be a bright color or a clear color. If you are not seeing color but using another sense that’s fine, it’s still working (see **Note below.)
  7. Now take that color for your wellness and begin imagining that you paint it into your crown chakra (which sits right at the top of your head) in a clockwise fashion. Get that vibration saturated into your crown chakra.
  8. Feel what it feels like to have that great vibration there. Sit with it awhile. Enjoy.
  9. Release out of your meditation. Now you can go about your day and forget that you have this vibration there. You can also change the vibration there again to another color, perhaps your favorite color.Wellness Vibration in Your Meditation and Life

**Note: If you are having trouble seeing color, that’s ok, use another sense like your feeling or sensing, your knowingness, hearing sound vibrations, or smell. It’s still working without seeing color. Actually only 50% of my students see clear color. All the other intuitive abilities work just as fine.

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