An Ode to My Healing Cat & Cecil the Lion & Beautiful Cats Everywhere

Healing Cat

My Healing Cat

In honor of International Cat Day and World Lion Day I wanted to give some credit where credit is due, and also sing the praises of cats everywhere. In case you think I’ve been handling my healing biz by myself all these years, I wanted to correct you. I’ve had some four-legged, furry help from my healing cat, Baby, along the way 🙂 I believe I lucked out when I found Baby seven years ago. She seems to be a gifted, healing cat. For a while there she was able to join in  and help me in some healing sessions with my ‘cat friendly’ clients, it was at a time when I was working out of my home. ** She actually really participated in the sessions, flowing healing energy right along with me. She even went into a zen trance of sorts and kept an intent focus, as you can see in the pictures. I find her healing abilities amazing and it’s because I’ve opened up my own intuition in the last 10 years that I’ve been able to encourage her special abilities and enjoy the benefits of animal communication with her. Before Baby, I was not a cat person, I was not even an animal person!

healing cat helps in reiki sessions

My fav picture of Baby in action. What a pro! It looks like she’s helping balance the energy center at the healee’s tummy (3rd chakra). And the client is so deeply relaxed.

My Favorite Energy Healing Sessions – Reiki & Meditation

Two of my main healing modalities are reiki hands-on healing sessions and meditation coaching sessions. You will see Baby on students’ laps below for the coaching sessions. This was one of her favorite positions in our tag team healings… lap duty. A few times my kitty assistant had an intuitive sense about just when to hop onto the student’s lap. She approached them right when they were getting to some deeper, more intense work to begin helping. I could sense, when on their lap, Baby was there to help them with their Grounding. Her presence added more calming into the session. It’s amazing how much her special brand of animal love adds. It just so happened that SO many of my clients were “cat friendly.” I did not call on Baby to help, she would just appear from a resting spot somewhere and want to join in.

**Just so you know, when a client was NOT animal or cat friendly or they were allergic, Baby was kept behind closed doors.

February 2013 001 (55)

Healing cat Baby helps with spiritual coaching sessions








Jan. 16th 2014 066

In the picture on the left, Baby had reached out her paw to touch the palm of my student. She seems to have an intuitive and empathic sense about how to help and heal. This was a one of our duo sessions.

An ode to my kitty Baby: Thanks for being the coolest cat ever. Thanks for doing something so cute every single day and being so cute every single day, bringing me so many smiles. Thanks for joining me in healing sessions, that’s just awesome. Thanks for all the good vibes and cuddles.

An Ode to Cecil the Lion & Beautiful Cats All Over the World

The illegal hunting and killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe by an American dentist and big game hunter caught the heart of the international community recently. I’m not surprised at all that there was such a tsunami of collective outrage over his death. I believe our connection with animals cuts straight to our human heart. It is beyond words and reason. Many of us communicate with animals through our emotional, feeling selves and our intuition (if we allow ourselves to.)

Those of us devastated by Cecil’s death couldn’t comprehend such a ruthless, senseless murder of such a majestic creature, the king of all cats, for egoistic gain. (I don’t think we can comprehend the murder of any beautiful creature for a trophy, for that matter.) Cats are to be honored and respected. A “living” cat is a prize.

Ode to the spirit of Cecil the Lion and to cats everywhere & around the globe: We are blessed to have you in our lives for however long we have you there. You are wild and elusive, funny and entertaining, strong and majestic and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Your unique personalities make you so special to us and live on forever in our hearts. Thank you for being beautiful zen masters, cuddly love bugs and beautiful teachers for us. <3

More Cool Cat Stuff I Would Like to Share with You

I love this, such a smart little kitty. This little cat does sign language with his deaf owner:

If you haven’t seen Jimmy Kimmel talking about the killing of Cecil the lion and the Minnesota dentist who did the killing, I highly recommend you do, you can find that on YouTube too. He even chokes up which is seriously touching. Some good is coming out of this tragedy, there is much more worldwide awareness about lion conservation now from this one event. And the researchers at a great organization WildCRU – Wildlife Conservation Research Unit who were tracking and studying Cecil for the past 13 years have been receiving numerous donations since Kimmel brought such attention to the matter. Airlines are banning animal trophies on flights and governments are banning trophy hunting completely. The changes that are happening to curb and possibly end trophy hunting keep rolling out since Cecil lost his life. Let’s keep the pressure on, many of the beautiful animals including lions are rapidly decreasing toward extinction. Banning all trophy hunting and murderous game hunting is long overdue.


Tara Brennan



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