Epic Meditation Technique – Room in the Center of Your Head

meditation technique - create a room inside your head

My Room in the Center of the Head looks like a sacred temple or cathedral. I often have lots of gold color in there too.

This is a brilliant meditation technique which I discovered many years ago. I have been practicing it daily in my meditations for the last 10 years and I’d love to share it with you.

The gist of it: you create the visual of a room in the center of your head with your imagination. This picture of a room inside your head is designed to help you rest your attention into your 6th chakra behind your eyes, anchoring your awareness into the third eye. To center yourself in this powerful, higher chakra is not always that easy, so having a tool like this is great.

This is no ordinary room, this is your sacred sanctuary space. You get to decorate this imaginary room any way you like. Some people like their room to be minimalistic and zen, others like to include gorgeous furnishings and art on the walls, some like lots of nature elements in there. Get creative with it! I’ve included a picture of the beautiful temple above to give you an idea of what my room looks like most of the time. I also change it slightly every day to suit my mood and vibes. It is always spacious and I like to bring gold energy in there or other high vibration colors.

Once you have the room created, you bring yourself in there into the room seated in a beautiful chair as a “mini-me” version of yourself.

 The Purpose: Focus Your Spirit into the Body and into the Present Moment

You are a spirit and you are a body. The spirit part of you can be anywhere in time and space in this moment. It can be in the past, present or future. It can be inside your body (this is where we want it to be) or it can be hovering just outside your body or it can be in the next room. It can be at your best friend’s house or in India or on the moon. Your spirit is a big energy and can focus anywhere. Your body on the other hand is always in Present Time. This tool of a room in the center of your head helps you learn to focus this amazing big energy part of you right inside your body, therefore helping you focus right into Present Time in harmony with your body.

AND… the best place for your spirit to reside inside your body is INSIDE YOUR HEAD, behind your eyes in the exact center of your head. This is the powerful third eye chakra or 6th chakra. It is an energeticially empowered position to occupy within the body. Sages, yogis, mystics, intuitives have known this for millenia. This is the seat to occupy within the body. This is the place to focus yourself as a spirit in your meditations, and eventually it will spread into your day-to-day life with wonderful results. These happy results have to do with your creativity on fire and you becoming a co-creator of your life with Divine Intelligence. I will be discussing that further in other posts, but for now let’s discuss detachment and a spiritual perspective which come first.

The Gift of Detachment and a Spiritual Perspective Within the 6th Chakra

Focusing your spirit into this chakra, gives you the energy of neutrality also known as detachment. It also gives you a spiritual perspective. With detachment and a spiritual perspective you can look at your life and life situations in a whole new light. You can look at your life with wisdom and clarity (**beyond intellect if needed ~ see below), seeing life lessons and not taking things so personally. This chakra allows you to be neutral and unemotional yet compassionate. It brings freedom from the issues of the lower or body chakras where we are concerned with survival, money, relationships, emotional reality, sex, power, work, self-image…. all the wonders, challenges and issues of our daily human existence. The beautiful 6th chakra gives us a ‘big picture’ viewpoint.

**A note about the intellect: Your intellect is a part of your body, it’s part of the body-mind. Many of us have identified ourselves with our intellect as who we are. Actually, you are your body and intellect AND you are your spirit. Using this meditation technique of a room in the center of your head, will help you connect to your spirit consciously and go beyond the limits of intellect if needed. There is a lot of life to be experienced beyond the intellect and some times your intellect is functioning as an upper limit, blocking you. Letting your spirit take hold in the 6th chakra will bring about healing, if you let it. It can be extremely healing to go beyond your intellect. It can also be disorienting at first, if this is all you have known. Be open to greater possibilities and have patience with this expansion. I’m excited that you may be going beyond your limits.

I believe you will be amazed at the transformation brought about by using this energy tool of a room in the center of your head and practicing it in your daily meditations. Training your spirit to focus here is incredibly healing and life altering, just ask any of my colleagues or students, fellow travelers along the energy mastery journey. This technique IS truly epic.

How to Create the Room in the Center of the Head

Here are the steps to create your own room in the center of your head:

1. Close your eyes. Focus your awareness into the space behind your eyes. Let your breathing relax you and take you deeper and deeper within.

2. Use coordinates to find the exact center of your head. To find the coordinates: draw an imaginary line from between your eyebrows to the back of your head, and then draw another line across the tops of your ears, where these two imaginary lines intersect is the exact center of your head. That’s where you create the room in the center of your head.

3. Create the floor and the four walls to this room with your imagination. You can bring in a ceiling too if you like, although many choose not to have a ceiling. You can decorate this room any way you like.

4. Bring in a chair in the center of the room and sit as a “mini-me” version of yourself in this lovely sacred room.

5. Just BE for a while, practice keeping your focus here in this room you’ve created. Relax into deep cleansing breaths. It’s normal to bounce out and bounce back into this room. Over time you won’t bounce out as much and you will be able to keep your focus in the center of your head more easily. It may even feel like a magnet is pulling you into that centered space. You’ve trained your spirit and body well at that point.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Meditation Today!

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