Why Do We Meditate? Insights from a Happy Meditator

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I got asked a great question in my business mastermind group the other day by my mentor, “Why do we meditate?” What a simple and great question, I thought I’d answer it here too.

In a nutshell, I believe we meditate so we can connect to our own spirit which is a vast reservoir of love, light, wisdom and intelligence, and therefore, an amazing resource in life. I’m in that group of people who believes we are spiritual beings having a human experience here.

The problem as I see it is that we did not get the “User Manual” on ‘how to be a spirit in a body’, lol! Most of us are taught that we are a body and a mind, but information about the spirit part of us is often lacking. That side of us is even squashed or invalidated by the people around us growing up, whether that’s our family or the culture.

Where is the Missing User Manual For Our Spirit?

If we’re fortunate, we can learn some practices and techniques that flip the dynamic that the world teaches us on its head, thus putting the spirit back in charge of the mind and body. Yes! And that divine part of us can be put back into its proper place ~ as the leader of our mind and body.

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THIS IS WHERE MEDITATION COMES IN! A regular meditation practice can provide the platform to cultivate our awareness of ourselves as a ‘spirit in a body.’ Then we can begin to receive all the benefits of such an alignment. Through discovering ourselves as spirit, we connect ourselves with Divine Intelligence and Supreme Being, and open up ourselves as a communication system with that divine energy. That flow of communication comes through our intuition, and we can translate that wisdom into success on a practical level with mundane things. It’s quite powerful.

I always say, “A human being is a bridge between heaven and earth”, literally.

Why Do We Meditate? To Go Beyond the Upper Limit of the Mind

Our spirit is also part of our deeper mind which is beyond the thinking mind. Often without meditation or some form of spiritual practice a person is operating with this thinking mind as their upper limit. By that I mean that that person is functioning most of the time within the boundaries of logic and analysis, which is confining, whether they know it or not. Through meditation practice, you can go beyond that upper limit of the thinking mind and tap into vast parts of you.

When they say we are only using 5-10% of our brain capacity, this is what I think that means, there is so much to access beyond that upper limit. We begin to unlock the attributes of the mind beyond intellect. One such attribute of the mind beyond intellect is its manifesting ability. It’s pretty amazing that we can manifest what we want from thoughts and clear mental images sent into the Universe. I call that being a ‘cocreator’ with Divine Intelligence and I believe we are wired for such creating, in harmony with the Divine Creator.meditation techniques, present moment, intuition

Another attribute beyond intellect… healing ability, we have the power to heal ourselves of so much. Many do not realize that they have that power. Beyond logic, our life can flow with connection, meaning, purpose, wisdom, joy and peace more easily. Miracles and synchronicity increase in our day to day reality. It’s just how it is. It is a higher octave in vibrational frequency from the norm of mass consciousness (where lots of people are living), and meditation is the key to getting us there!

Meditate and Unlock the Higher Mind, Intuition and the Present Moment 

When we start to live with our spirit in charge of our mind and body, intuition takes a prominent position, because intuition is how we communicate back and forth with Divine Source energy. We also begin to access the present moment on a more regular basis. The mind beyond intellect has a connection with Divine Intelligence and when we’re in touch with that part of us we can ‘trust’ and ‘be here now.’ This way of living, with lots of present time awareness, brings about much peace and joy from within, we can relax.

Unlocking these higher vibrations to flow and change our inner experience to deeper peace, trust and consciousness is a process. It takes time.

I was lucky to find a system of spiritual practices that really work. This approach is based on energy awareness and daily meditation practices. It was the key for me in achieving a strong present moment awareness and a peace within body and mind that I had previously only dreamed of.

How to Meditate with Ease and Find Your Zen Quickly

I’d love to share with you a that system and set of powerful energy techniques. I discovered it 10 years ago and since then have been passionately perfecting the techniques and teaching them. I opened my school Energy Arts Academy in 2010 and designed two full years of courses to bring others through the processes that supercharged my life in many ways.

The students of Energy Arts Academy have beautiful success stories to share. They have gotten lasting results with the Energy Mastery techniques I teach which have proven time and time again to work so well. I hope to help YOU too if you are interested. You can get in touch with me through my contact page and then we can discuss next steps toward some lasting and fun transformation.

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So why do we meditate? I hope I’ve provided some clarity, insight and food for thought 🙂 I’d love to hear your comments on this topic below!



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